/* PROGRAM NAME: "Reason's Edge"
 * VERSION: "2.0.3"
 * AUTHOR: "j. michael raymond"
 * LAST UPDATE: "20 May, 2012"
 * REQUIRES: "An Open Mind"
 * SYNOPSIS: "Personal Perspectives
 * on the World we live in."


I have been called many things: author, poet, smartass, father, husband, gentleman, scholar, boss, hey you, connoisseur, entrepreneur, failure, jerk, artist … All of those names, those appellations, and shades that attend each one have all served to shape my perspective. Those and others. My two favorites out of all of them are Daddy, and philosopher. Followed by smartass, I think if I were subjected to torture and absolutely had to provide a third. I do not believe I have ever heard that term directed at me in anger. It is usually because I have made someone smile (or laugh outloud on occasion) with something I have said.

I think my sense of humor is a product of my environment, my grandfather (on my mother’s side) was a funny man… practical joker, leg puller. My father was a one-liner kind of guy. Smart, witty, and perfect timing. He said very little as a rule anyway, and when he dropped those quips into a conversation it was even more effective, because you never expected it from him.

Okay, enough about them. Let’s talk about me … I’m kidding. Welcome to my blog. Feel free to leave comments on any of the stories you find here.

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